Who am I?

Abhishek, a young, dynamic budding architect who just won’t take “no” for an answer.

Right from his school days in Bijapur when he had no idea what architecture was all about till the present date, life’s been a learning experience for him and he believes in taking everything in his stride.

Even the fact that architecture happened by accident, what actually started out as a quest for learning and exploring his first passion, music, led him into his second passion, which today is the very base of his professional existence. Even in architecture school, he was known to design models for students who were in the M.Arch division although he himself was in the B.Arch section. Such was the passion for design and modeling that it soon led him into multiple projects where he demonstrated his ability to deliver way beyond the ordinary. His projects today speak volumes about the depth of his knowledge and his extreme interest towards what you could call as “Modern Day Architecture”. Every piece of work is in a class by itself and beyond compare.

Exclusive & Timeless

Presenting some of our very differential ideas deployed in the city of Pune

More About Us

3 years in the domestic market.

An enthusiastic team which has come together because of passion, dedication, hard work and common ideas. We’ve always believed in teamwork creating the best of results and the same has been proven time and again. With our best efforts being highlighted in over 5 projects in the city, we are now poised to make it bigger and better than ever before. Walk with us on our wonderful journey of eternal and timeless creations which will leave you wanting and gasping for more. After all, creating legendary designs was never easy but we also put in a very different twist to the same. Abhishek Architects, where flawless designs create perfect impressions, for you and for your business!!

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